mezepotamyada matematik

The History of Mathematics

mezepotamyada matematik

B.C. Between 580 and 504, the great master Pythagoras (Pythagoras) lived in Crotone, southern Italy. He had established a secret religious school and taught that the universe was a number harmony. He taught his students morality, politics and religion. All of these sciences were called “mathematicals”. The word of mathematics we used derives from it.
The training Pisagor received from the Egyptian and Babylonian priests lasted 34 years. When Pythagoras returned to Italy, there was a mystical doctrine that would help revive Orphic teachings in his hands. He was trained in Egypt under Osiris religion. He later believed in the sanctity of mathematics with the training he received in Babylon, where Egypt went by the invasion of Babylon. Here comes the prominence of Pythagorean numbers. In ancient Egypt and Babylon the music was performed with music and the music form was documented by mathematical operations. Thus music played an important role in Pythagorean philosophy.
Everything was a certain number. The mind is a certain number, the soul, the justice, everything is a certain number, and the universe says that the numbers are harmonious.


Each number is either single or double. However, all the numbers that constitute 1 are neither single nor double, both single and double. That is to say, the uniqueness and the farm are together. The first being is a point. The line from the dots, the surface from the lines, the surface has formed a crest. So, each different field is a different number.
It was very difficult to be accepted into Pythagoras’ secret religious school. The tenderer must be someone who is virtuous, intelligent, dignified and secretive. The candidate was first subjected to a good investigation, then subjected to a test at the mountain top, full of frightening scenes. The fearless candidate was then subjected to information and logic exams. The candidates who did not know the questions asked were ridiculed and the will was measured by contempt. These were simplified versions of the Hermetism exam we had seen before. In the end, the candidate who passed all the exams successfully, was admitted to the first stage.
In the first stage, students were not taught anything new, first, their intuition powers improved. Then, in a way that began with family love and ended in the love of God, love was grafted. During this training, music was used. The student explained to them that the various Gods were indeed a single God, that they knew that “Aslın” was the only one, but that all the gods had to love each other separately. All religions would unite in the secrecy world. In this training, the student is slowly cooked.

ilk matematiksel islemlerThe secret has not been told yet. Brains are prepared to find God in themselves. The seven-stringed carpenter stolen has seven voices. Seven voices, seven colors of light, seven planets, seven forms of existence, seven lines of music are told by the music. It is taught that if the human soul is tuned to these seven sages, the song of the truth will be stolen.
A class climbs a student, a number of knowledge. That’s the Pythagoras that teaches now. In the science of sacred and secret numbers, the number is not an abstract but a holy key that is blessing. These sacred numbers are taken from ancient Egyptian and Sumerian temples, just as they are in sacred words.
Every job starts with 1, starts with 1 and counts with 1. According to the fact that every work is based on 1, God and man are common principles. Spirit, life and body become three. The common principle of this trilemma is uniqueness. The trickle becomes four when united. All other numbers consist of these four numbers multiplied together. The seven sacred numbers indicating the union of God are the sum of four and three. This is seven times the sky.
Pythagoras knew the world and the planets were spinning around the sun and their mechanics. Already this information is known to be a long time in Egypt. Since Pythagoras is mathematical in the sphere of thought, in the system of thought, and in musical notes, it should be thought of as establishing philosophy on mathematics. All of this was contrary to common knowledge and could not be explained to normal people. For this reason, the Egyptian priests and Pythagoras have secretly kept this information secretly, but only to a small minority that deserves and deserves to receive it.
Thanks to the Pythagoras school, the religious character of Greek medicine has gradually begun to emerge and Greek medicine has begun to gain a scientific basis. Here the human organism began to be explained by similar theories of harmony. The significance of the Bayin and nervous system has been determined. It was discovered at the Pythagoras school that a stimulus must be transmitted to the brain through nerves in order to develop the disorder.

The gold rationale for managing people …


1-Respect is a Very Dangerous Spark

Since people who have committed many murders for years, who have been intimidating people, and who have committed so many robberies do not believe that they are guilty, will the people who meet with you every day immediately accept that your criticism is correct? Will your hard critics get a handle?

All critics are condemned to return to their nest like pigeons flying from their nests.

Criticism is hurting the ‘self’ that people value most. It’s causing him to be furious.

No soldiers in the German Army can be found on the show immediately after the incident. It will take some time before the fury will calm down, the event will be colder, and then it will be found.

When the wife or others were making heavy words for the South people during the inner war, Lincoln said: ‘Do not criticize them. if we were in the same conditions, we could move in the same way ‘.

One of the many causes of confusion and anarchy in the world is that people who are in need of remediation must fix the world.

Confucius says: ‘Do not complain about the snow on your neighbor who has not cleaned your house.

It’s a dangerous spark criticism. This spark can explode in the instant of human proudness, which is no different from a gunpowder gun.

The big man is understood from his attitude towards little men.

2-The Great Secret of Managing People

The shortest way to get people to work is to wake up the desire to do it in people. It is possible to get people to work with threats, cruelty, or rude behavior, but such behavior has serious consequences that you need to endure.

A sincere blessing, a blessing of us When we find out we refuse?

The feeling of making him a Lincoln wanted to be important by encouraging a poor grocery store to read the law books he found among the house rashes.

George Washington wanted to be called the President of the United States of Majesty. Christopher Columbus asked for the title of Ocean Admiral and India Naibi. The Empress did not open the envelopes on the Great Katerina, which did not write the Empress.

According to some scholars, those who can not find the opportunity to be important in the world we live in are setting up a separate world for themselves. They live as a very important person in the world.

I can excite people. It is up to the person to develop and use his talents to be appreciated and encouraged. There is nothing that kills people as much as the criticisms of the administrators. I covet O to give speed to mankind. I hate finding flaws in people. I appreciate something that I like. I also enjoy it. Regardless of my reputation, I did not know anyone who complimented me instead of criticism and did not come to my mind more.

Here lies a man who knows the people around him who are smarter and more talented than himself.

Let’s think about the good sides of people. Let’s appreciate them. Let’s say our tribute. Then these words will live in the people you say, even after you have died or forgotten what you say.

3-Suitable for Olive, Non-Fishing

I like the cream strawberry. Fish, on the other hand, like to eat wolves. I do not even think about wearing strawberries with cream when I go fishing on Maine. I can easily catch the fish that run to the wolves in the oltum. We have to follow the same path to get people. Here is the indispensable rule: to feed the bait towards the Olt …

The only frustration with influencing a person is to deal with his wishes, to appreciate his wishes, to accept the importance of his wishes.

What do you get if you tell your son that you want to smoke for hours? Why do you want to influence it? You put his wish in the foreground. Does your son love football a lot? Tell him he can not be a good footballer if he smokes. The possibility that his own will can not be realized will affect him more.

Professor Harry A. Averstreet writes: “The source of our behavior is our desires and wishes. If you are working in whichever field, if you can bring a strong desire to others, people will be with you. He is condemned to the loneliness that can not succeed.

Carnegie said ‘Do not worry’ to your sister-in-law who was sorry for not having received a letter from her first son for a long time: ‘Now I will write a letter to them and they will answer immediately’ He wrote a letter to the neglected children of Carnegie and said he sent money in the envelope. The answer came straight away: ‘We got your letter. But money did not come out of the envelope ‘.

Tomorrow you will probably want to do something for someone else. Ask yourself: ‘How can I make this man (or this woman) not want to do this?’

If you have a secret of success, you can see the angle of your vision and see it with your eyes.

There is no need for anybody who can put them in their place and understand them, to worry about the future.

The most essential necessity of human nature is to recognize and express oneself

Şehzade Paşa Camii Planı

Architect Sinan’s Letter from 400 Years Later

Şehzade Paşa Camii Planı

Letter after 400 years
A construction engineer from the company officials who made the restoration of the Şehzadebasi Cami, an architect Sinan’s work, continued in the 1990s, explained an event they experienced during the restoration of the mosque on TV.

There were fires in the stones that made up the arches on the doors on the money wall surrounding the mosque garden. The restoration program was part of the renewal of this belt. We learned theoretically how the arches were constructed in the building facade, but we had no practice with stone arch construction. We had a master meeting on how to restore the arches. As a result, we would have a wooden mold licking the belt underneath. We will then gradually unscrew the belt and take notes on construction techniques and benefit from these notes while doing it again.

We made mold.

We started to move the belt lock removal. When we took the stone out of it, we stumbled upon a glass bottle placed in a cylindrical cavity at the junction of the two stones.

There was a rolled up white paper in the bottle. We opened the bottle and looked at the paper. He was writing something in the Ottoman Empire. I immediately found an expert and read it. This was a letter and was written by Mimar Sinan. He said:

“The life of the stones that make up this belt is about 400 years. During this period, these stones will be rotten, so you will want to defeat this belt. You will not know how to rebuild this belt, as construction techniques will probably change as well. Here I am writing this letter to tell you how to build this belt. ”

After he had started to write in the letter of Master Sinan, he continued his explanations by saying that they brought the stones they built from Anatolia and they explained the construction of the arch in detail.

This letter is a superhuman example of the effort a building can show to make its work permanent. The magnificence of this letter comes from a high level of knowledge, such as knowing the life of the stone that modern people will be challenged with, knowing that the construction technique will change, and using paper and ink to last for 400 years. Undoubtedly, this high information is the inextricable characteristics of the great architect. But it is the sense of responsibility to produce a solution that is far more spectacular than 400 years later, which is really hard to access.

Panama Kanalı

Panama Canal’s Making Story

Technology has provided great convenience to human life. The technological developments that have taken place in transportation have already shrunk the world for the son of man and have begun to travel far towards the world which is not enough in the world. The man who uses the blessing of technology in the centuries we have passed has benefited much more than the most advanced transportation services of his time.
New innovations such as new systems, maps, straits, channels for ship transportation have been made. One of these innovations was that it was not so easy to separate that interstate, which was a very large diameter, which seemed to be a thin spot in the middle of the American continent, and to make it into the Panama Canal.

Panama Kanalı

Prior to the Panama Canal project, Ferdinand de Lesseps, who gained fame by opening the Suez Canal, was interested. In order to get out of the Panamanian expedition, in 1876 the engineer of Lesseps, who was on his way to the Panamanian Forest, was defeated.

The worst of the events did not end with this, and in 1880 the company of the Lesseps Company, which founded the Panama company, came out of the 300 million shares. The ads were made, and the owners of the big stocks, which tied millions of dollars of money to Panama, were very hopeful. Workers who ate the big impact of the Panamanian forest when they started work271 300 × 207 42,000 Work of the Kishin’s Work The Making Story of the Panama Canal was trying to work in Panama, full of rocks, all of which were huge under the torrential rains in the summer under the torrential heat of summer.
Besides, the malaria and yellow fever babes were plundering everything. Lesseps went to Panama with his family to prove to Europe that the climate was harmless, but he lost all of his family there. In this project Leon Boyer, one of the engineers of the Eiffel tower, also died. Workers were very close to death, and between 1881 and 1889, 17 thousand workers lost 5 jobs. So the construction site was closed and the company went down. On top of this, the Americans are shouting at this picture. The Americans were precautionary and took all kinds of precautions. The battlefields were fueled with the most powerful machines, 30 thousand black people were employed by 12 thousand European workers. The Americans succeeded. They opened the Panama Canal to service on August 3, 1914, and for the first time on the same day, a ship passed through the Panama Canal.