History of The Gum

Gum has become one of the most favorite occupations for people of all ages. The oldest confectionery recipe in history The chewing gum, one of the hills of the gum and history, sells about 4 billion p[...]

mezepotamyada matematik

The History of Mathematics

B.C. Between 580 and 504, the great master Pythagoras (Pythagoras) lived in Crotone, southern Italy. He had established a secret religious school and taught that the universe was a number harmony. He[...]

The gold rationale for managing people …

1-Respect is a Very Dangerous Spark Since people who have committed many murders for years, who have been intimidating people, and who have committed so many robberies do not believe that they are gu[...]

Şehzade Paşa Camii Planı

Architect Sinan’s Letter from 400 Years Later

Letter after 400 years A construction engineer from the company officials who made the restoration of the Şehzadebasi Cami, an architect Sinan’s work, continued in the 1990s, explained an event[...]

Panama Kanalı

Panama Canal’s Making Story

Technology has provided great convenience to human life. The technological developments that have taken place in transportation have already shrunk the world for the son of man and have begun to trave[...]

Leyla and Mecnun send to Doctor Who

Leyla to Mecnun also face Arda in human form in space. The special glasses on Arda are specially designed to decode aliens, and of course when they look at them with glasses they look like doctors an[...]